Jack Will's 

Visual Merchandising

"The objective was that we had a set of high quality internal and external photos of our stores. 

We chose a variety of stores to represent the whole portfolio of 32 stores.When we are looking to acquire premises we lease them over a period of years. 

Often the prospective landlords are not familiar with our stores and we need to demonstrate that: we are a professional retailer and that our store design would enhance their building and ultimately add to its value.

We have used these high quality photos on a variety of occasions both as digital attachments and as hard copy demonstrations. In many instances we compete for a sought after site with other retailers and a landlords perception of our ‘brand ‘ vs the others can swing the deal.

The photos we have also used to send to planners and conservation offices to again demonstrate our intention to enhance the building from a heritage/aesthetic view point rather than a crass image damaging appearance.

A professional, well-presented piece of work that we will use many times

Thanks again"

Ian Shaw

Jack Will's Retail Director

Jack Will's 

Visual Merchandising

Jack Will's 

Visual Merchandising

"We needed a set of photographs that recorded the high standards of merchandising, display and visual merchandising for all the selling departments and customer facing areas on completion of the stocking up and merchandising of our new 140,000 sq ft John Lewis at Leicester in September 08.

We wanted these photographs produced quickly within a set timeframe and to a limited budget.

George successfully met this brief and produced a great set of photos that our teams could use and work with within the time given and the budget set.

These photos have been used repeatedly to help the new selling and VM teams at Leicester and other shops to re merchandise their departments to the standards achieved at opening, they have also been used in presentations, demonstrations and for training and development purposes.

These photos have also proved valuable in helping to set standards and merchandising guidelines for future new shops and other retail projects we have in the pipeline."

Dino Marcangelo

Business Manager Retail Design, New shops, John Lewis Department Stores.

Lavender Green

Still life photography in a studio setting.

House Portfolios

Producing a body of photographs to be distributed to agencies who need locations for photography, film & television shoots. 

House Portfolio's

Producing a body of photographs to be distributed to agencies who need locations for photography, film & television shoots. 

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